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Let's face it. No business owner wants to pour money into marketing their business unless there is a huge ROI. But so many marketing endeavors are difficult to track. Mailers. Billboards. Print ads. Impossible to track if they are truly effective and they are all expensive. So what's a savvy business owner to do? You want to get the word out about your business. You want to attract new customers. And you want to be able to measure the results of your efforts.

A strong digital marketing campaign is the answer and Media Hive Marketing can design and implement one for your business. We'll look at your website, your social channels, your online reviews, as well as other factors to come up with a strategic and measurable plan to effectively market your business to new customers. That's a much better way to spend your hard-earned marketing dollars. And you can rest easy knowing that the metrics are in place to show the effectiveness of your efforts.

Why Hire Us?

We have successfully ranked businesses in every state in the U.S. as well as abroad. While we're located in Austin, TX, we serve clients wherever they are located. We're honest and upfront about pricing, competition, estimated timeline, etc. Our entire process is transparent for our clients and you can rest assured that we are working hard for your business.

Here's how we're different from the "other guys" that are knocking on your door, trying to sell you SEO. First, we don't sell SEO. While we use that to improve your website's Google ranking, we're in the business of helping you land more customers and make more revenue. We have tested and proven methods that can help rank any site in any niche in any city. And if you don't see dramatic results in 30 days, we'll give you your money back. No long-term contracts either. You have nothing to lose. Try our services for 30 days and if you don't see a massive improvement in your website's rankings, we'll refund your money. Satisfaction guaranteed!

No other SEO company offers what we do. And we do that because we're 100% confident in the process and methodology that we employ for each of our clients.


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Are you tired of losing customers to top-ranked businesses on Google search results? Let Media Hive Marketing help. We seek to change the world by helping small businesses succeed. It’s time to start winning. Contact us today.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO (or search engine optimization) uses various techniques to rank your website high in search engine results. This increase in ranking drives more traffic to the home page of your business website. Increasing online traffic to your home page is shown to be the most effective method to grow your business online. It starts with effective SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

Once your website rises to the top of search engine rankings, you will see a dramatic increase in traffic to your website. This traffic will be primarily targeted, potential customers. It's been proven that if people are frequently visiting your site, your business will reap the benefits. Our professional team will design and implement a strategic digital marketing and SEO plan to get more visitors to your website, leading to more customers for your business. That's ultimately the only metric that matters.

Web Design

As a business owner, your website is the most valuable sales and marketing tool that you own. Business websites that are appealing to look at, load quickly, and can be viewed effectively on mobile devices are essential to any business seeking to grow. Whether you have an existing site or not, our team of professionals can help you maximize your website's marketing effectiveness. A better website is trusted more by Google, shows up higher in search results, and ultimately, attracts more customers. 

Local Reviews

Negative online reviews, or even no reviews, hurt any business' chances at attracting new customers online. When potential customers come across negative information, they quickly judge the trustworthiness of that business. There are no 'magic bullets' when it comes to removing negative reviews, but we can help your business employ a strategy to greatly increase the trust new customers have in your business. There are a variety of tools in our reputation management toolbox that we employ, leading to greater trust in your online reputation. 

Social Media Marketing

In order to help your business climb in the rankings of search results, our SEO strategies include the use of effective social media marketing. Social platforms can be powerful tools to help gain your website visibility, increase your brand awareness, and attract new customers. Many potential customers, before buying a product or service, will search for that business on social platforms first. Thus, it's highly beneficial for your business to maximize this opportunity for building greater brand awareness and increasing sales.

Ty D.
Chief Operating Officer / National Specialty Drug Distributor

I constantly find myself recommending Media Hive Marketing to anyone I run into that has marketing communications needs. I can't help it. They're that good. Their online presence, professionalism, and savvy are worth bragging about.

Ryan M.

Media Hive Marketing is masterful at crafting effective digital marketing campaigns leading to greater brand awareness. They are also credible, trustworthy and all of their work is completed with a high level of integrity.