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About Media Hive Marketing

Our mission is built upon one simple premise:  we aim to get your business more customers. That's it. Our only success metric is to increase your customers and your business revenue.

Our 'secret sauce' is our professional and proven SEO services that will make your website more visible and easier to find. Our team of expert SEO marketers won't rest until your business is on the first page of Google for your key search terms.

We're not in business to sell SEO. We sell results. More customers. More business. More revenue.

Our Expert Team

Trust is critical in digital marketing. Google has to trust your website in order to rank it high. Your customers have to trust that you can deliver the services they're seeking before they hand over their credit cards. Thus, it's imperative that you trust your SEO team to deliver results.

Our team of Media Hive Marketing SEO experts will employ proven tactics so that your website can easily be found by your potential customers. We hire only the best web designers, developers and search engine optimization consultants to provide quality web design services for your website creation, promotion, and support.

Our team can also create websites with a responsive design to help rank quicker and attract more clients. We offer a full range of digital marketing services to ensure that, whatever your business website needs are, we will complete them with excellence.


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Are you tired of losing business to the companies with the best Google rankings in your area? We can help. Our proven methods for improving your website's Google ranking will result in more customers and more revenue.

You have nothing to lose. There are no long-term contracts ever. And if you don't see a massive improvement in 30 days, we'll refund your money. It’s time to start winning. Contact us today.

Our Approach

Transparency is what our process is built upon. We don't hide anything from the businesses that we work with. We also understand that each business has unique demands and requirements for their industry. Thus, for our team to work effectively, we apply these steps:


The first step is to sit down and consult with you to get more information about your business, your customers and your goals. We view ourselves as an extension of your business. Our success is built entirely on tangible results for your business. Thus, it's important for us to understand your industry, competitors, goals, customers and current challenges. With that knowledge, we can better create and implement an effective SEO digital marketing strategy for your business.

Analyze & Plan

In order for us to effectively optimize your site, will have to examine your website's structure and content. We'll look at the backend to determine what's not working and what improvements will have the most impact for your ranking. We will provide a full review audit of your website. We will then be able to optimize the link configuration or user-friendliness necessary for you to optimize your website's SEO. As a result, search engines can efficiently work to index your site for optimization. Keep in mind that our services will also analyze the theme of your content and the density of your keyword saturation.

Create & Measure

A website ranked on top of the search engine pages will always win the trust of the customers. A high ranking will help your business stay ahead of your competitors. Plus, a front page ranking means increased profits and a steady flow of new customers. When we start the process of ranking your business website, you will see a dramatic increase in the first 30 days. However, after that initial burst, the site will bounce around a bit in the rankings while Google decides how much to trust it. The more trust Google has, the higher it will rank. Thus, our strategy is built on establishing maximum trust for your site with Google. There are a variety of methods we implement to build greater trust. We measure everything and keep detailed metrics, which we will provide in regular update reports.

Ty D.
Chief Operating Officer / National Specialty Drug Distributor

I constantly find myself recommending Media Hive Marketing to anyone I run into that has marketing communications needs. I can't help it. They're that good. Their online presence, professionalism, and savvy are worth bragging about.

Ryan M.

Media Hive Marketing is masterful at crafting effective digital marketing campaigns leading to greater brand awareness. They are also credible, trustworthy and all of their work is completed with a high level of integrity.