Austin Web Design Services

Austin Web Design Services

Effective web design is vital for your online business to thrive. It's also a key factor for Google in determining where to rank your website in the search results. If your website loads quickly, has relevant keywords, useful content and is listed properly, it will be trusted much more by Google. The websites that have the most trust are ranked the highest in search results. Our team of professional web designers can design a website that will work properly to achieve maximum trust with Google, and therefore, be ranked high in search results.

Austin Web Design Services - Media Hive Marketing & SEO
Austin Web Design Services - Media Hive Marketing & SEO

Your Business Deserves a Quality Website

Many of your customers will never set foot in your office. But most of them will visit your website to see what your business offers. Will your website convince them to do business with you? Or will it turn them off so they leave and click on the next search result? Our goal is to create an effective website that once a potential customer lands on it, they are inclined to buy your products or services.

Our professional team of web designers, innovative graphic designers, developers, and SEO (search engine optimization) consultants offer stellar web design services for your business. If you have potential customers that land on your website's home page, we will help you convert them to sales.

Responsive Website Design

If your business website isn’t built with a responsive design, there's a chance it won’t offer a good mobile user experience for your customers. Statistics show that more people than ever are using their mobile devices for internet searches and browsing. Our professional team of web designers and SEO technicians will create websites with a responsive design to ensure your website looks best on any mobile platform and therefore, attract more customers.

Austin Web Design Services - Media Hive Marketing & SEO
Austin Web Design Services - Media Hive Marketing & SEO

Converting Website Visitors to Customers

Our professional and proven SEO services help both medium and small-sized businesses to lure their targeted audience from search engines by creating eye-catching web designs and utilizing strategic marketing techniques to promote business growth. Excellent website design will help your business to increase sales and profits, improve your branding, create real customer responses, and improve your website ranking in search engines like Google.

Higher website traffic will generate more leads and ultimately, more sales for your business. We will help your business achieve high search engine rankings, more visibility, more traffic and a significant return on your investment.

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Our Web Design Process

Information Gathering - Media Hive Marketing & SEO

Information Gathering

Our first step is to gather all the information required to create a proposal. In this initial phase, we'll discuss your website's goals, target audience, keywords, content, design, sitemap, etc. We'll also discuss the budget and timeline.

Planning Phase - Media Hive Marketing & SEO

Planning Phase

The second step is to develop an implementation plan for your website. This step involves a well-planned sitemap, hiring the best content writers and graphic designers, and laying the foundation for effective SEO.

Design and Development - Media Hive Marketing & SEO

Design and Development

With the plan in place and the right professionals tasked for the job, our team of experts will design the website in order to maximize your business goals of achieving maximum trust from Google and convert website visitors into customers.